We go the extra mile when building a home. Therefore, we look for the best designers and reliable contractors.
Maybe you should do the same when buying one.

For most people, the biggest financial decisions are also life decisions. What makes the most sense financially may not make the most sense emotionally. That is okay! At Millstone, we try to combine the two worlds: building quality and location are always a sound financial investment, while the care we invested in our design will simply make your life beautiful! For the future, worry no more: your home has a timeless elegance while the quality and location will slowly but steadily increase its value.

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The work of our practice is characterised by our attempt to search for the right balance between experiment and experience in the complex and delicate landscape of contemporary life.

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KXL is the place where the vision of a dynamic team, with multiple specializations, enthusiastically contributes to the affirmation of contemporary architecture!

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The management of CNO Techno Construct SRL, as well as the project managers, have been working together for several years and have joined the company as a complete multi-functional team.

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